Use Mobile Context to Validate Transactions and Mitigate Fraud.

Today’s connected consumer is global. They are travelling the globe for work and pleasure and their mobile phone is always with them. For financial organizations that means there is no better way to validate the location of a cardholder when their card is swiped or presented for payment at a point of purchase – locate your customer’s phone, validate their location and mitigate fraudulent activity, reducing identity theft and minimizing false positives.

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Why Financial Services Companies Need to Start Thinking about ‘ME’

"Driven by the growth of smartphones and mobile applications, the potential of mobile for financial services continues to grow. Whether it’s providing customer-centric products, increasing customer purchases, or providing seamless access to information, it’s imperative for today’s financial services companies to lead the way in realizing the full value of this fast-evolving channel."

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It’s All about ‘ME’! ‘Mobile Engagement’ that Is…

In a recent report, Forrester offered a telling statement about the way that mobile is being embraced by today’s consumers: “Because people carry their mobile devices with them at all times, mobile moments [points in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want in their immediate context] are the frontline of customer experience. That’s why every consumer-experience-improvement effort, starting now, must include mobile.”

Indeed, in order for companies today to be successful, they need an engagement strategy that is mobile-centric. The requirement to effectively reach today’s mobile-first customers requires that brands and enterprises have a strategy that provides customized content, delivers personalized information to  individual consumers, and enables real-time delivery to any device.

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Use Case: Increase Revenue with Mobile Engagement

The bottom line is the number one priority of any company.

But with an increasingly mobile-savvy customer base there’s more competition than ever before. And that competition is happening at every stage of the customer journey from research (more mobiles mean access 24/7 and a real-time channel for customer service inquiries), to brand experience (customers are using their mobiles in your stores and banks, on your planes and trains and in your hotel rooms and lobbies), and post experience (providing feedback and sharing the journey with friends). The increasing use of mobile at every stage of the customer journey makes identifying mobile moments and context throughout your customers’ journey critical.

Modern companies know that to win share of wallet they need an integrated mobile strategy that puts their brand and message directly in the hands of their customers. That’s where the Syniverse Mobile Engagement Suite enables companies to deliver rich, engaging and highly personalized experiences across channels to customers that keep their brands top of mind at all times.